The Wagon

The big, freight wagon is about 20′ long, 10′ wide. Its iron-banded wheels are 5′ high. The tongue and hitches add another 10′ of length when assembled, and a separate hitch rig can add another 10′ if the Curtis and Jenny are needed to pull help the load. The front has a wide, flat plank bench that comfortable seats four medium creatures, but has been modified to make it easier for Mrs Bramblepatch to drive. Two cloth hammocks can be hung under the wagon when when it’s stopped or the trail is smooth. This allows people (or the boys) to sleep in the shade. Justin uses one often because he takes the long, night watch and has little to do on a traveling day. From time to time, Lydia will take the other hammock and the pair can be spotted holding hands as the wagon rolls along the road.

Sir Jamie’s Tent (15’x 20′ tournament tent in his colors with poles, stakes, and ropes)
Tournament Gaming Table (30″ square table for serving snacks or playing chess while at jousting tournaments)
2 Tournament Chairs (wide, comfortable, semi-ornate chairs that a knight can sit in while wearing armor)
Sir Jamie’s Chest

Sir Jamie’s Tournament Trunk
4 Tabards in Sir Jamie’s colors
1 Standard w/Sir Jamie’s coat of arms
8 Pennants
3 Shield Covers
Excellent Quality Chess Board/Set for Tournaments (A gift from Count Hame)

Sir Jamie’s Armor
Justin’s Armor
Dutch’s Barding
Dutch’s Saddle
Dutch’s Saddle Blanket
6 Tournament Lances
4 War Lances
4 Wooden Swords
2 Longswords

2 Woodsman’s Axes
6 Hand Axes
2 Shovels
2 Pickaxes
2 Pitchforks
2 Rakes
3 Brooms
6 50′ Lengths of Twine
6 50′ Lengths of Rope
2 300′ Lengths of Rope
2 Block and Tackle

Chest – People Care
– Scented Soaps
– Fragrant Oils
– 5 Healer’s Kits
– Medicinal Herbs

Chest – Horse Care
– Blanket
– Soap
– Brushes
– Combs
– Farrier Tools and Equipment

Chest – Weapon/Armor/Tool Care
– Whetstones
– Weapon Oil
– Polish
– Polishing Cloths
– Buffing Pads
– Weatherproofing Materials

Trunk – Bedding
– 10 bedrolls
– 10 wool blankets
– 10 10′ square cloth tarps for covering things and making tents/hammocks

4 Water Barrels
2 Pack Saddles (for the mules)

Inthernar’s Trunk

Camp Stove – mounted on the back of the wagon so that cooking can be done without detaching
Cook’s Equipment

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