The Traveling Case of Shebara Rasha

Shebara Rasha was one of the finest conjures to ever have studied in Soros. She crafted the enchantments that power this case to allow her to pack her considerable library and other important things in a somewhat more reasonable space than they took up in the mundane world.

The Traveling Case of Shebara Rasha

The case is built like a steamer trunk or large chest, 5’x 3’x 3′, with adamantine straps, and bindings. Three locks secure the top. To open, the chest is stood on one end and the locks unlocked in a specific order. It is designed to fold outward, with the base of the trunk showing two locked cabinets above four locked drawers. The lid contains a small, comfy, desk stool, a writing desk, and study area. The desk area seems to fold out into a larger space than would appropriately fit into the lid, and this is true.

For those who are magically unaware, the drawers open to hold filing papers and various bits of poetry, including bad, “romantic” poems that seem to be a cross between what sailors talk about on long voyages and what princesses talk about while brushing their hair. The cabinets seem to hold scrolls and maps and writing utensils that are ill suited for professional use.

To wizards and such who understand Master Rasha’s Case, the drawers and cabinets open into massive extra-dimensional spaces equivalent to those created by the spell, Demiplane. Each drawer and each cabinet opens into its own storage space; they do not mix, and each only has one such extra-dimensional space.

The real genius of Master Rasha’s design is that the Attuned user of the Traveling Case can mentally search through the contents of each drawer or cabinet’s space and call forth any item they know to be stored there. While the search may be time consuming, the benefits of having so much portable storage is self-evident.

The Traveling Case of Shebara Rasha weighs one-hundred pounds regardless of what’s packed inside it.

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