Sir Jamie’s Entourage

Sir Jamie’s Followers and Hirelings

Justin of Hame – Sir Jamie’s Human Squire
– a little lackadaisical and lazy, but all his duties get done, and he doesn’t fail his obligations
– In love with Lydia, but he’s a nobleman’s son

Erdo Bramblepatch – Stout Halfling Cook
– Truly amazing cook
– Tempermental about his cooking abilities
– Mansplains a lot

Tanta Bramblepatch – Lightfoot Halfling
– Erdo’s wife (aka Mrs. Bramblepatch)
– Expertise in Animal Handling (usually drives the wagon, handles the Boys and Wendell and Otis)
– Keeps Erdo’s ego in check
– Keeps everyone in check (she handles everyone as if they’re animals)
– Camp foreman

The Boys – Two hound dogs who pay attention to anyone with food or Mrs Bramblepatch when she gives commands in Halfling

Dutch – Sir Jamie’s massive warhorse

Wendel and Otis – Two oxen that pull the wagon

Curtis and Jenny – Two pack mules for carrying heavy things

Lydia – Human Camp Girl
– does camp chores, cleans things, collects firewood, sets up and tears down…
– has a nice singing voice and often sings peasant folk songs and dances folks dances
– in love with Justin, but she know’s they can’t be married. Wants to have his baby so she can at least have part of him

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