House Rules

Healing, Hurting, & Working While Wounded
Being hurt hurts…

Dropping to 0HP & Death Saves
Dropping to 0 Hit Points is bad…

Magic in this game is going to be much more powerful, but much less useful, and much much less available when you need it.

Magic Items
There aren’t going to be a whole lot of magic items… deal with it.

Time Management
Gary Gygax is sometimes quoted as saying that unless an accurate calendar is kept there can be no meaningful game. I agree.

Barter is better because Betty is Broke!

Class and Race Modifications
We’re going to throw back to 1st Edition AD&D for a lot of this… It’s not fair, but it is juicy.

Experience & Leveling
Better, Stronger, Faster

Roll a Bunch of Dice!
A method of speeding up and smoothing out role play situations

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