In previous editions of D&D, Player Characters might amass enormous sums of money, enough, in fact, to destroy the economies of several kingdoms. Because the purchase of magic items is not really in play for our game, the need for this sort of wealth is greatly diminished. As a result, the accumulation of wealth shouldn’t be an overly large motivation for the PCs. Before, PCs might walk around with thousands or even tens of thousands of gold pieces on them.

In this world, a person can live comfortably on a budget of 30 silver per month in a decently sized city, and perhaps only a few coppers a month if the person lives in a supportive community that runs effectively on barter.

By game design, the PCs are going to be some of the wealthiest people in the world, specifically because they dare what others will not. They will, at times, be wealthier than the lords they’re visiting with. They will have the monetary resources to build up areas of wilderness should they wish.

In Braxis, there are the following coins –
Platinum Crowns – worth 100 silver tiels
Gold Samars – worth 10 silver tiels
Silver Tiels
Copper Stents – worth 1/10th of a silver tiel

There are Electrum pieces, but they are foreign coins and are worth 5 silver tiels.

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