Some of the Contents of Rasha’s Traveling Case

Books & Supplies
– 3 Blank Spellbooks (100 pages ea)
– Several Treatises on Conjuration Magics by Master Rasha
– Several Treatises on Scrying/Divination Magics by various master magicians of Soros
– Several Histories of Braxis and its surroundings going back a thousand years
– Hundreds of Lore Books and Scrolls
– Histories of Human interactions with the Dwarves of Cragroc Khur (in Braxin and Dwarven)
– Histories of Human interactions with the Dwarves of Cragroc Dhum (in Braxin and fragments in Dwarven)
– Histories of Human interactions with the Elves and notes on elves and the fey
– Several Treatises on the various kinds of Fey
– Several Treatises on the history of the world
– 1,972 terribly written “romance” books
– Gazetteers on Braxis and as much of Erldworn as has been explored by men
– Ancient Navigation Maps for the World within 3000 miles of Braxis

– 10,000 sheets Blank Paper
– 5,000 sheets of Vellum
– Book Binding Materials
– Extensive and Elaborate Calligrapher’s Kit
– Lots of extra ink

5 Gold Rings (30gp ea)
Beautiful Chess Set (The board looks like ivory/sandstone – The sets are blue and red and are exquisitely carved into images of the desert tribes people who actually originated the game)
Several Thousand Antique Coins
37 gems in a velvet purse
– 6 Diamonds (500gp ea)
– 8 Emeralds (250gp ea)
– 9 Pearls (200gp ea)
– 7 Garnets (50gp ea)
– 6 Moonstones (50gp ea)
14 High-Quality Dresses (court clothes) that date from Master Rasha’s time that are preserved by a ritual that can be found in Shebara Rasha’s spellbook
43 pieces of jewelry in silk-lined boxes that seem to go with the Dresses
– 5 Pearl Necklaces (of varying length and style)
– 3 Silk Chokers (with differently ornamental cameos)
– 12 Rings (varying metals/jewels/styles)
– 10 Pairs of Earrings (varying metals/jewels/styles)
– 2 Earrings that don’t seem to have a match
– 3 Jeweled Tiaras
– 5 Gold-and-Silk Hair Cages
– 1 Pearl Bracelet
– 2 Pairs of Gold/Jeweled Bracelets

– 9 Cherry-Fired Oak, Pin (4 gallon) Casks of Whisky (there’s a mark on the casks indicating the maker)
– 3 Pin (4 gallon) Casks of Brandy

– 200 Iron Ingots (25lbs ea)
– 100 Steel Ingots (25lbs ea)
– 25 Brass Ingots (22lbs ea)
– 20 Copper Ingots (22lbs ea)
– 20 Silver Ingots (20lbs ea)
– 5 Gold Ingots (37lbs ea)
– 3 Platinum Ingots (40lbs ea)

Magical Items and Things
– Master Rasha’s Spellbook
– Several Spellbooks (by other Wizards)
Nine by Ninety Names – A book of True Names of extra planar entities (written in Abyssal script using Aasminar blood)
Martha the Hag’s Crystal Ball
– A Magical Tome (written in Draconic Runes)
– A Magical Tome (written in Elvish Script)
– Magic Spell Scroll – Greater Restoration
– Magic Spell Scroll – Hallow – The High Lord’s Blessing
– Magic Spell Scroll – Fly
– Magic Spell Scroll – Speak With Dead
– Magic Spell Scroll – Raise Dead
The Beautiful Bodice of Bella the Bard
– Scads of Alchemical Reagents, Supplies, and Equipment
– A Vial of Sovereign Glue (4 doses)
– 7 Vials of Universal Solvent
A Decanter of Endless Water
– 2 Pin (4 gallon) Basswood Casks of Holy Water from the Font of Purity in Karakas (an oasis town in the desert to the east)
– A case (24 units) of sanctified bottles for carrying Holy Water

Odds & Ends
– 2 Human Skeletons
– 1000+ Paper Envelopes with Seeds – names of plants written on envelopes, cultivation instructions inside
A set of lock picks and other tools, and a note

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