The Picks of Peter the Rat

The note reads

Our last hall was so good, but the price was to high.
I’m quitting the biznes.
I’m leaving my tools with you to proov it.
I love them almost as much as I love you… almost. And I’m telling you that to for the first time. You saved my life so many times over the years, and was never brave enough to tell you. Not that it matters, you been you and all that.
Thanks for teaching me leters.
I have more than enough to buy a manor house in Shen and live out my days even if they’re long.
Finishing this leter before anyone wakes up.
Don’t follow me. Don’t try and stop me.
But you can come visit in a few years. After I get setld in my new life.
Always your friend,

The tools are exceedingly well crafted steel and brass and enclosed in a well maintained leather roll.

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