The Urchin

“I have a flexible concept of legal…”
Level 3 (pick class and archetype)

You have a ring that you wear around your neck like a pendant. It looks dirty and old and looks like it’s made of crappy tin. You found it in the sewers of (home city) when you were young on hungry. You believe the ring is magical but you also think the ring has made you crazy. You think the ring makes you delusional.

When you’re sad or lonely, you’ve called on the ring to be magical, and you’ve been able to conjure an imaginary friend. She calls herself Shilizar and when you first met her she took pity on you, and in time, she has come to like you… or so she says. No one else can see her, and even when she talks to people they don’t hear her. She looks very exotic. She does things to cheer you up… she sings for you or dances for you… sometimes she tells you stories of things from long ago. She has not discussed her past with you, and you haven’t had much of a past worth discussing, so you hang out with her on occasion.

Being crazy is sometimes better than being alone. You have never investigated the ring or asked anyone to look at it. Your concern over losing it is too high. Shilizar is sort of your only true friend in the world, and because you never thought you were ever worthy of having friends, you’re certain that she’s a delusion and that you’re insane.

A member of a thieves guild, and knowledgeable about the Varied Trades, you are the dark echo of the Knight’s nobility. You know the low ways of doing things, and you know the rules and parlance of getting things done in the dark.

You have “friends” everywhere. It’s hard to enter a village or town without you “knowing” at least one or two people.

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