The Songblade of Anachor

The songblades are enchanted longswords of elven manufacture. They are crafted of the silvery, elven metal, mithral. Each one has a True Name and a spirit although they’re not intelligent weapons in the commonly understood way. There are three songblades known to exist outside the elven realms.

The Songblade of Anachor is a +2 magic weapon.

The sword makes an odd, humming/thrumming sound as it’s swung in combat. At the start of the wielder’s 2nd turn, any goblinoid (goblins, hobgoblins, or bugbears), orcish (orcs, orogs, or ogres), or undead creature within 30′ who can hear the blade must make a CHA Save (DC 14) or take a -2 to its AC against all attacks until the start of the wielder’s next turn due distraction (the magic/noise is like fingernails on a blackboard, so however you want to define “distraction” with that in mind).

Each Songblade has a battle hymn. Any wielder who knows the Songblade’s song and sings with it in combat (as part of the Attack Action) increases the DC of the Save by the weilder’s CHA modifier.

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