The Ring of Pashuk

The Ring of Pashuk

The Ring of Pashuk is the home and binding object of the Noble Djinni, Her Royal Highness, Empress Emeritus of the Far Reaches, Dancer Extraordinaire, the Mistress Shilizar. Shilizar is one of the most powerful elementals in existence.

She is a wish-granting djinn.
She is older than Erldworn.
And she is on vacation.

For the last ten thousand years, Shilizar has inhabited the ring, and used it to drift around this world and others, seeing the sites. Her magic is so potent and so subtle that no force can detect her if she wills it so. Sometimes she’ll communicate with whatever being is carrying the ring… sometimes these communications drive the ring bearer insane.

Shilizar is enjoying herself immensely.

Other elementals and djinn perhaps believe that Shilizar is dead. They know that she was lost on the plane of Erldworn, and many of them hold humans responsible.

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