The Melodic Menagerie of Morochun the Mad

The enchanter, Morochun, called “the Mad” by those who fought with him a thousand years ago, was member of the Rhakshani peoples who lived in the desert reaches to the south and east of what is Braxis today. He cavorted with the Djinn and learned some magics from them. With those strange and powerful magics, Morchun traveled the world.

This heinous device appears to be nothing more than a small, well-made, brass birdcage. It’s cylindrical about a half a meter in diameter and slightly taller than that with a domed top. No amount of normal handling or examination will reveal it to be magical, but if a Detect Magic spell is cast upon it, it is 50% likely to show a vague dweomer of uncertain nature – either no class of magic or an erroneous one will be detected.

The prison-cage exists in a permanent state of anti-magic and non-detection.

It can be Attuned by a wizard possessing it when he or she learns the wording which activates the cage. Speaking the activation word has two effects:

First, the door to the cage is immediately held fast by a wizard lock spell as if the possessor had cast it, and that portal can be opened only from the outside by a wizard who can normally overcome such a wizard lock without resorting to additional magic.

Second, the cage is attuned to a single trigger word which will enable its possessor to imprison a creature within the cage by taking an action and invoking an enchantment. This command spell must name the True Name of the creature to be imprisoned, or else, in the case of creatures without a Name, its lineage, in sufficient detail. If the creature being commanded into imprisonment fails to make its Saving Throw, it shrinks to about 25 centimeters in height and is instantaneously transported into the cage.

Since magic doesn’t function within the cage, the imprisoned creature cannot, itself, escape. It can be freed by a wizard able to open the door of the device or by any other being who can do so by use of a Wish.

The occupant(s) of the cage will hear a calming, meditative music, and over time, they will begin to lose their minds into the sedation of the music. Occupants do not lose lucidity and may hold any sort of conversations. The music has no long-term effects. It’s more of a means of keeping any prisoner from going insane from boredom.

The Menagerie cannot be harmed or affected by the use of force or magic. Any creature inside cannot be located by any means except actual sight or hearing due to normal proximity. Naturally, the possessor can free a prisoner by use of a single freedom word. Once freed, the former captive is restored to its former size and abilities.

Imprisoned creatures do not age. Nor to they need food or drink when in the cage, for its magic negates those needs.

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