Gossamer Strands

This small leather belt pouch is unobtrusive and isn’t magical. But, it is lined with a fey satin.

Leather Belt Pouch

In the pouch, resting on and among the fey satin is something that mortals would describe a rainbow-colored cotton clump. This fibrous material draws like thread from a spinning wheel.

Gossamer Strands

These Gossamer Strands work like string, twine, rope, or chains, depending on what the user is trying to make happen. The pouch contains 7 charges and all the charges will recover when the pouch is openly exposed to the light of the Moon. If the last charge is used, roll a d20. On a roll of a 1, the use of the last charge consumed the last of the strands, making it so that the strands could not regenerate. The pouch maintains its ability to hold Gossamer Strands until the night of the New Moon. If strands are not reloaded into the pouch by midnight on such a night, the fey satin loses its charm and becomes mundane.

Gossamer Strands are very strong. They may be used for tying things up. From one to three charges may be used to secure the limbs of a creature or any other thing that can be secured by ropes, manacles, or chains. If one charge is used, the DC for the Strength Check to break out is 15, if two charges are used the DC becomes 18, and if three charges are used the DC becomes 23.

Wrapping around a creature’s mouth, one charge can effectively gag/silence/muzzle the creature (note that unless appendages are bound away, the creature can pull off the gag).

The strands may also be used as a rope to descend steep slopes/cliffs safely. One charge of the strands functions to allow a creature to drop 30′ with no harm. Multiple charges can be used to extend the length that a creature may repel in multiples of 30′. All the charges may be used at once in this way, giving a maximum distance descended of just over 200′ (note the issue with using the last charge above).

A use of Gossamer Strands lasts as long as the user Concentrates on them plus either no time, an hour, or until sunrise as the user wishes.

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