Erldworn – Setting

The game is set in a fantasy, medieval, feudal world. Dwarves and elves and orcs are all here. Magic exists as do dragons and the fey.

The area of play will start about the size of modern France. Most inhabitants will only know the world within a mile or two of where they were born.

Disclaimer, and begging not to be sued…
A large part of our world (mostly its mythology and cultures) is inspired by, and completely stole from, the mind of Elizabeth Moon, author of the stunningly brilliant, fantasy trilogy, The Deed of Paksenarrion. If you want to know what makes a Paladin, this series is for you. There are not enough superlatives to describe the journey undertaken in these books. Plus, the way she writes her horses is proof that she’s a goddess.

Adult Themes
Our game will deal with adult themes… Death, suffering, and survival… Love, life, and loss… Triumph, tragedy, and hope.

The world of Erldworn is complex place, and our heroes may find themselves near the center of world-shattering events. They may find themselves with choices that allow them to save themselves or save the world but not both. We’ll see stories that illustrate aspects of the human condition that may not be suitable for younger readers. But I feel that these stories are important, so I choose not to hide any of them from anyone.

Complaints concerning offensive material are already ignored

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