Erldworn Calendar

A year has 367 days. This year was figured by the position of the stars in the night sky.
A week has 6 days – Lord’s Day, Onday, Twelday, Trenday, Worlday, and Shenday
A month has 5 weeks (30 days).
A year has 12 months plus 7 holidays that aren’t part of any month.

For the humans of Braxis, it’s the year 331 since the end of the Brother’s War and the crowning of King Rheineman.

Bruknell – The cold breaks, almost like Frostfell, but with winds
Dutinell – The river-ice breaks up, nobles and peasants do duty to their lords
Amalnell – The time of planting crops, the resurgence of grasses, and birthing of farm animals
Glowing – The best time of year. Light, persistent rains… occasional storms
Highsun – When the sun is highest in the sky
Sunfell – The warm times, plants grow furiously, and there’s little work to do except weeding and pest control
Amenfell – Weather becomes breezy and starts to get cooler
Harvestfell – A cool month when most crops are harvested and stored for the coming winter
Leftfell – When the leaves fall, the last rains of the year
Frostfell – The first frosts, dry season, almost never rains, brusque
Damlanell – Quiet, peaceful, light snows
Surinell – When the winter storms happen

The Holidays of Braxis
King’s Day (New Year’s Day)

Spring Holiday
Planting Festival – near the middle of Amalnell, but always held after the planting’s done.

Summer Holiday
High Summer – three days that surround the summer solstice. This festival celebrates life and good fortune and the High Lord. Dancing and singing and marriage proposals happen here.

Fall Holiday
Shutterdark – near mid-Harvestfell, when a given town’s preparations for winter has been finished. It’s a harvest festival, but also has Halloween aspects to it too.

Winter Holiday
Mid-winter – usually just after the winter solstice, a day when the winter stores are accessed to get everyone through the rest of winter. It’s a feast in that it’s a celebration of the fact that we’ve survived another winter.

Other Races’ Calendars
Other races may have their own calendars that reflect their people’s notions of the passage of time –

Dwarves – For the Dwarves, it’s the year 2374 since the founding of Cragroc Khur. It’s been 2,374 years since the Elven treachery that lead to the loss of Cragroc Dhum, the now fabled home of the greatest Dwarven civilization in all of Erldworn. Since dwarves live underground, their years are figured based on the flows of water into their vast water coffers. Their years also have, on average, 367 days, and the festival in anticipation of Waterflow (their New Year’s Day), and the festival that follows, is about 20 days long.

Elves – don’t understand what years are. The elven sense of time is of particular puzzlement to other races.

Goblinoid Races (Goblins, Hobgoblins, Gnolls, Kobolds, Orcs, and Ogres) – don’t understand what years are.

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