Downtime Activities

The downtime activities as listed in most of the 5e materials will be applicable for our game, but because of the way we’re going to track time, our downtime activities are going to be more vague and less rulesy. We will use downtime more for expository purposes than “crunchy” ones.


Maintaining Equipment (which is like recuperating, but for stuff)

Researching (including magic/spell research)

Hunting/Gathering Nearby Resources
– hunting/trapping animals for pelts, meat, or materials
– looking for herbs, fruits or seeds
– mining from a close and known location

Learn Something New
– skills
– tools
– languages

Reconnect with People
– in person
– sending messages

Socializing with Locals
– learning the lay of the land/town
– carousing (specifically in an attempt to win over locals)
– making new friends
– building rapport with locals
– spreading rumors
– doing charity work
– purchasing/setting-up/running an establishment
– finding/hiring workers/underlings/help
– putting out job contracts of your own

Engaging in Ritual Work
– scribing a scroll
– attempting augury
– warding an area
– scrying
– praying to the gods – seeking counsel/quest
– brewing potions or poisons

Practicing Fighting Skills
– learning team tactics
– learning team weaknesses
– displaying prowess to the locals

Training Others
– animal pets/companions
– follower or others in a Proficiency the PCs have
– tactics or battle

Taking Up Non-Adventuring Work
– practicing a profession
– unskilled labor
– various, skilled crafting labor
– other servitude

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